I started painting in 2014, but really I had been drawing on any possible surface for as long as I can remember. I started to focus my art on oil paints, moving forward with the flow of the oils and painting pictures of life and memory. With surrealism as my main go to, my art has taken its influence from every place and person in my life, creating pieces drawn from their passion and inspiration, exploring the connection between body, mind, and nature.

I find peace in the interstitial moments where beauty meets nature, growth through the veins that flow through us, in the veins that flow through the earth.

Medium: oil on canvas, oil on recycled wood, & acrylic on denim.

I also love to hear about your ideas, and what your thought are to create these into a perfect piece for you, so get in touch and we can design something together!

- Emily Lucchesi

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Upcoming Markets

Rose St Artists Market, Fitzroy

Rose Street Market is where you'll find me

 - Currently all markets are canceled - 

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the moment when time stands still

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